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Hire Me

As a Freelance Writer:

Are you looking for articles for your print or online publication?

Do you need someone to write posts for your blog?

Are you interested in non-fiction stories for your literary project?

I write on a variety of topics related to creativity, authenticity, life-gained wisdom, social change and motherhood.

I also write customized content for businesses and non-profit organizations. My writing is versatile and I am able to provide the ‘voice’ that you need!

Please see my portfolio for examples of my work and contact me at taslim@letmeoutcreative.com to start a conversation.

As a Speaker:

Keynote Presentations (from 30 minutes to 90 minutes) include topics:

  • finding your creativity
  • busting through creative blocks
  • the written word as legacy
  • the power of kindness
  • using art to create social change
  • the importance of giving
  • living your most authentic expression

Keynote charges vary depending on the length of the presentation you need. If you are a non-profit organization, special consideration will be made. Please email me at taslim@letmeoutcreative.com so we can discuss your needs.

You can find examples of interviews in my portfolio.

As a Media Ambassador

Do you have an event for which you would like some media attention? If your event is aligned with my work (eg. literary or other fine arts-based event, a fundraiser, or a conscious/ethical business event) we can put together a PR package for you that could include the following:

  • blog posts before and/or after the event
  • live-tweeting from your event
  • blogger outreach
  • social media posts
  • hosting your Twitter party
  • press releases for traditional media and websites
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As Published In

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