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Try-This Tuesday: Write Your Best You

Make your future dream a present act by assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled.
Neville Goddard 1905 – 1972

What do you think about that?

Read it a few times and let it sink into your bones and make a cozy little home there.  You can write it out in your journal or hang it on your wall like Dr. Wayne Dyer has.  What does this statement mean to you?  What exactly is it asking you to do and why?

To me, this is the Universal Law of Attraction in a nutshell.  People have claimed that they can manifest anything in their lives if they meditate on it, speak daily affirmations, or visualize themselves in that place or situation that they desire.  Because I like to write, I am more inclined to fill my journal pages with what I grew up calling “my imaginations.”  I would writes pages in my journal from the point of view as someone already “there” where I wanted to be.  In my early college years, I wrote a few entries from the point of view of a successful business woman, living near the water with a healthy social life and a lot of time to read my books!

I would look up after finishing writing my journal entry and be slightly disoriented, and have to bring myself back to my reality.  That’s how powerful writing is for me.  Something will do the same for you – it could be writing or it could be something else.  (If you want some help figuring it out, drop me a line and we can chat about this!)

For today’s task, I will be asking you to write but if you want to take this in another direction, go for it!  Today I want you to write a bio of yourself – just a short paragraph or two – as if you are living the life that fits you the most.  I want you to write it as thought it were true now (so instead of saying Susie wants to be an expert in car mechanics, please say Susie is an expert in car mechanics).  And when you are done, I want you to feel like this fits you like a hand in glove.

Your bio doesn’t need to be strictly professional – it should describe you in your entirety.  If you love baking but don’t want to actually own a bakery or sell your products, you can still say in your bio Susie is famous in her neighbourhood for her apple pie; the smell of her pies cooling at her window draws friends and neighbours in for a cup of tea on any day of the week. 

It’s not about the grammar or anything like that.  Nobody’s going to read this but you (unless you want to share it, of course!)  So, just have fun with it.  The sky’s the limit so don’t think about what’s practical or logical.

Keep your bio and look at it from time to time.  I am certain that ideas will start trickling in, people will start showing up in your life, opportunities will start presenting themselves (say yes when they do, please!).  Your bio will be the proof you need that it all starts with a seed.  Your bio will keep your eyes open to all the synchronicity that you will be experiencing.

Have you tried something similar before?  What have your experiences been?  I’d love to hear from you in a comment below or you can contact me confidentially by email.

Have a great Tuesday!




Time To Make A Change


Re-Run!  I’ve had change and time and Wayne Dyer and motherhood on my mind lately and so I thought this was fitting to share with you again.


Time is something I have always been conscious of.  Not just the hour of the day, but also the years of my life.  My life has always been one big check-list of major accomplishments I would like to achieve by a particular year.  I alluded to this when I talked about my unwillingness to veer from the path I had set for myself in university.  This goal-setting fetish didn’t start in university – this goes way back to the eighth grade with my first record of a chronological check-list embedded in my journal.  I had just had my thick, black hair that had hung halfway down my back chopped to just under my chin which was shorter than I had wanted.  According to my teen magazine, my hair was expected to grow half an inch each month – so I charted its anticipated growth in my journal to figure out how many months it would take for my hair to reach the desired length.  The summer before tenth grade I babysat two unruly boys and I spent many a summer evening bent over my journal charting how long it would take me to earn a decent amount of money so that I could be “financially independent”.  Later that year my parents told me that I was too young to have a boyfriend but that when I turned 18 I would be free to do as I pleased in this matter.  So I made a chain of coloured construction paper links; each link signified one month until I reached my 18th birthday.  I think I started with over 24 links and every month on the 12th day, I would remove one link thus marking the time until my significant birthday.

I am also hung up over daylight time, particularly as we change seasons.  My husband expects that every evening as we approach the winter or summer solstices I will announce the difference in the time of sunset from one day to the next.  He expects this because I have done this to him EVERY YEAR since we’ve been married!

Finally, I am conscious of time in terms of punctuality.  Maybe because I’m a Taurus, or maybe just because I’m wired this way, I believe that if you arrive somewhere on time you are actually 5 minutes late!  Being married to someone who is perpetually late has challenged me to be a little flexible about my personal concept of punctuality (which is a nice way of saying having a husband who is always late for everything often drives me crazy!) BUT there was something else significant that happened four years ago that completely threw me for a loop and still causes my head to spin at times…

I became a MOM.  And oh my goodness, I have rarely been on time for anything since then (without a major struggle or some serious luck).  Packing up to leave the house, whether it’s a short jaunt or a long trip, can take an excruciating amount of time and even then I will inevitably forget the one thing that I actually will end up needing.  Just when I think I’m ready to head out the door and make my appointment on time, someone needs a diaper change or a snack or isn’t finished playing with the Tupperware that is littered all over the kitchen floor.  In this one area of my life that I liked to control as much as possible through my checklist-making and my written records, I was utterly and miserably failing.  The lack of control over my time became one of my biggest challenges and, in all honesty, continues to be my biggest complaint.  “I don’t have any control over my own time!!!”  I say that.  Often.

For example, I had planned to write and post this blog this morning.  This was the plan I made yesterday.  I would wake up before the kids did, creep down to my studio so as not to awaken the light sleepers, and write until the first “Mommy!” was heard, hopefully an hour and a half later.  Unfortunately, I heard the first “Mommy!” when I sat up in bed at 6:45 am and reached for the glass of water I keep on my bedside table.  In that moment, I knew this post would not be written until late tonight (it’s 10:45 pm right now, past my bedtime!) and it was a conscious effort to not that let that bother me.  But it did.

We all have constraints on our time, but I was always able to manage so much when I had a certain amount of control over my own time in my pre-maternal era.  This, however, is a situation that isn’t going to change much in the very near future.  However, as renowned author and speaker Dr.Wayne Dyer says, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change,” and so I am going to change the way I look at this shift in control of my time and see if I can psychologically get a grip, so to speak, on a new version of this concept.  Considering it is still Monday and I am posting this tonight, then technically I have achieved my blogging goal for the day.  It may not be at the time I originally planned but I can go to bed feeling satisfied and not cranky…much better!

And you know, there are other times of the day when I do have some control over what I do with my time and perhaps I need to look at this a little more closely and make sure I am using these minutes wisely.  How wonderful that this leads right into the Try-This Tuesday task for this week.  But of course, THAT I will blog about tomorrow – it says so right on tomorrow’s list!

Are You Scared Or Are You Excited?? Your Body Doesn’t Know The Difference!

I shared with my Facebook community yesterday that I had an amazing call with a coaching client in the morning.  She has been thrust into uncharted territories against her will and is experiencing what we’ve talked about here before as the muddled up part of a transition.  That’s the part when you’re not sure which way is up, or how you are going to get to the other side.

Nobody can deny that this period can be extremely unsettling; in fact, it can feel like the very ground beneath your feet is unsteady and can give way without warning.  Think about how your body would react in that situation.  Accelerated heart rate?  Check!  Quickened, shallow breaths?  Check!  Sweaty palms/armpits?  Check!  Dry throat?  Check!  Butterflies in your stomach?  Check!

This is the typical physiological reaction when faced with fear…AND EXCITEMENT!!  Read over the check list and think about a time when you were really excited about something.  Similar, if not completely the same, responses?  Check!

The last couple transition periods I’ve found myself in have been no less confusing and unnerving as any other.  There was a difference though; I started recognizing the knot in my stomach as the same knot that shows up when I’m really looking forward to an event, or I’ve just heard some fabulous news about someone close to me.  I’ve started realizing that when I’m at that point of disorientation, I can actually choose to feel scared or excited – my body is impartial anyway!  It doesn’t know what I’m feeling, it’s just responding!

I shared this fact with my client as well as Dr. Wayne Dyer‘s quote (my favourite of his!) “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  This has pulled me out of so many mental slumps.  If you change the way you look at the transition period and recognize that it is an exciting period of growth and new opportunities, then that is exactly what it becomes.  Hold on to the scary uncertainty part and that’s what it remains.

Seeing what a difference it made in that moment with my client inspired me to share this with all of you.  If you know anyone in a state of fear, or a period of uncertainty, share this with them.

Have a comment?  We’d love to hear it!