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Tuesday Tasks

Photo Credit: Gillian Meyer
Photo Credit: Gillian Meyer

We ALL have an endless ability to create – to draw on innovative, unique, powerful ideas and use them to better our lives, strengthen our communities and greatly impact our global environment. Opening up our creative channels is like diving into a goldmine of knowledge and Universal support and there are so many ways to do it!

Tuesday Tasks provides you with tools to access your truest Self, your creative Self, where your potential lies. Some of the tasks encourage you to let go of perfection and get messy with paints! Some of the tasks guide you toward mindful, spiritual awakening. Others offer practical tips to organizing your life.

Are you a parent of young children who thinks you have to wait till they grow up to be your true Self? My journey to my creative Self did not really begin until the birth of my first child. I can tell you, it can be done. Not only that, but your children will so greatly benefit from YOU being joyously authentic!

Keep reading for an excerpt of Tuesday Tasks!

While quantities last, Tuesday Tasks books are only available at the stores listed below! I am thrilled that almost my entire print run has found homes in your spaces! Because I believe in the importance of living creatively, I’m working on new ways to help you in your journey. Stay tuned!

Here’s what some really awesome people are saying about my book:

“I love this delicious workbook, filled with juicy, playful ideas. Taslim’s beautiful creative heart just shines from each page. Even after just flipping through it, my life felt richer and more colourful.” – Dr. Susan Biali, M.D. Wellness Expert, Life Coach and author of Live a Life You Love

“Taslim Jaffer has produced a fresh, invigorating, whole self transformation experience as she walks us through weekly actions designed to unleash our creativity. I haven’t had a creativity burst like this since I worked through Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way‘. I highly recommend this book”.-Farhana Dhalla, Author of Thank You For Leaving Me.

“No matter where you are on your journey toward self-actualization and absolute prosperity, Tuesday Tasks is the perfect workbook. Through Taslim’s series of reflective exercises, I reconnected with dreams, desires and needs that had somehow managed to slip under my ‘happiness’ radar. I’m certain, like me, you’ll soon be recommending this insightful manifestation tool to everyone!” Joyce M. Ross, Inspirational Speaker, Author of The Kindness Ambassador and a Heartmind Wisdom Collection Co-Author

Tuesday Tasks is EXCLUSIVELY available at the following location, while quantities last:

Brick & Mortar Living

Here’s a little peek inside!

Task #4

Notice a moment – a verbal or facial expression, a determined beetle crawling in and out of the sidewalk’s crevices, the sunlight filtering in through the trees in your backyard and twist any of these experiences into:

  • A character sketch for a great piece of fiction
  • A storyline for a children’s book
  • A poem
  • A journal entry
  • The first sentence of a free-writing session
  • A sketch
  • A painting or colouring activity with your child(ren)
  • A song

Make the moment last longer by snapping a picture. Keep your camera handy for this task and notice the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Task #25

Look through an old album and select a photo with a story behind it. Using all 5 of your senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch), write the story. Explore each detail and go as deep into the memory as you can.

After you write it, stop and think about why you chose this picture, this story. Who were the people involved in this story? Would they be interested in reading your viewpoint?

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