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About Me


Photo Credit: Michael’s Fine Photography www.michaelsfinephoto.com

Welcome! My name is Taslim and on my blog, I bring together the worlds of creativity, social change and motherhood. Much of my work as a freelance writer, speaker and mom of 3 exudes my belief that we are all capable of contributing solutions that will better the lives of our families and communities.

It’s not always easy balancing motherhood and dream-chasing, and I have no qualms sharing that with my readers, too! In fact, some of my best-read and most-loved pieces are about the ups and downs of parenting. This piece even earned me a prize!

I stay connected with other writers through my work with Pandora’s Collective, a Vancouver based non-profit literary organization, creating social media content, writing grant applications, planning gala fundraisers and hosting a monthly writing group in White Rock, B.C.

My motto is “Doing my best to be ME, while raising three children to be them.” And trust me: hilarity ensues, tears spill over and the darndest things fly out my mouth. Living authentically and creatively is my ultimate goal, and if by bed-time nobody has gotten hurt in the process, I call it a good day!

My other motto? If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

So what makes me happy? Writing, reading, sitting in quiet, kayaks, trees, calm lakes, calm children (ha!), tight hugs from my oldest daughter, sweet smiles from my son, and drooly kisses from my baby girl.

Be sure to leave comments on posts you enjoy and I will visit you back on your site!

If you are looking for a writer, speaker or media ambassador, check out this page and drop me a line.

Thanks for stopping by!

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